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The Flores Settlement Agreement: A Visual Guide

Learn the impact and history of the Flores Settlement Agreement and how it affects Immigrant Children's Shelters with this captivating infographic.

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Southwest Key Programs

As a national, nonprofit organization, Southwest Key exists to create opportunities and improve the quality of life for thousands of youth and families each day by providing safe shelter, alternatives to incarceration, career development and quality education. This is done through three areas of programming: Immigrant Children’s Shelters, Youth and Family Services and Workforce Solutions.

Immigrant Children’s Shelters

For more than 20 years, Southwest Key has been an integral partner in the U.S. response to the immigration crisis at our southern border, sheltering immigrant children.


Youth and Family Services

Our Youth and Family Services are based on the core principle that positive change can happen through therapeutic, educational and community-based programs.


Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions creates economic growth and enhances the quality of life for job seekers, employers and community members in Cameron County, Texas


Success Stories

We serve thousands of children and families each year through our three areas of programming. Many carry incredible stories of courage, resilience, and hope. We share just a few of their stories here, and those of our employees, so that you may learn more about the life-changing services we provide.

Commitment to Helping

The youth and families we work with are seeking equality, education, and a healthier quality of life. At Southwest Key, we are committed to helping them achieve that dream.

Southwest Key offers services nationwide through programs in several states, including Texas, Arizona, California, Georgia, New York and Florida. Our national headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Southwest Key Community Engagement

Our focus is to bridge communities and the clients we serve through resources in Education, Cultural Arts, and Health & Wellness.

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San Diego, CA: Book Donation for the San Diego Shelter

The San Diego Library in partnership with REFORMA’s Children in Crisis Task Force donated literature books for our San Diego Shelter. The children have enjoyed reading books in their language, it has been a great support in their academics and entertainment. The long-standing partnership and support from REFORMA’s Children in Crisis Task Force and the San Diego Library is greatly appreciated by Southwest Key.

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Tucson, AZ: Fundraising Event for Estrella del Norte Casa

Miss Nature, “The Queen of Charity”, hosts an annual fundraiser in Tucson, with LGBTQ+ performing artis to raise proceeds for a selected nonprofit. This year the performers voiced that they wanted to donate to an organization which they truly identified with. Given that the performing artist shared similar journey and hardships as our clients/children face and can easily identified with them, they chose Southwest Key Programs.
Program director and Strategic Partnership staff attended the event and $2,000 was raised for Estrella del Norte Casa.

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Austin, TX: Memorial Day Commemoration

In partnership with the East Austin Lions Club, LULAC District 12, and El Concilio Mexican-American East Austin Landowners hosted a Memorial Day Commemoration event. Our event included special guests such as Tejanos In Action, Lloyd Doggett and Honorable Gonzalo Barrientos.

To learn more about partnering with us or future events and activities, contact Melissa Villarreal.


Southwest Key Mission Statement