A better alternative. A better tomorrow.

Southwest Key’s Youth and Family Services are based on the core principle that positive change can happen though therapeutic, educational and community-based programs. Our programs are shaped by evidence-based practices and made successful by staff that come from the communities we serve. By providing alternatives to children who are involved in the court or juvenile justice systems, our programs enable them to stay at home with their families and involved in their communities.

Through our programs, young men and women are provided with structure and services that promote positive behaviors and experiences. Our caseworkers partner with families to address individual, family and community issues, such as helping with the transition back home from a correctional facility or institution, assisting parents with employment and childcare, and working with school staff to meet academic and personal needs. Our programs track the progress youth are making while holding them accountable for their actions. These components work together to set the foundation for success, both today and tomorrow.

Southwest Key’s Youth and Family Services division also provides preventative programming, community engagement and school-based programs. Available program models include:

– Alternative Education Programs

– Home-Based Individual and Family Counseling Services

– Wraparound Case Management Services

– GPS and Face-to-Face Monitoring/Supervision Services

– Truancy Prevention Programs

– Leadership Development Programs

Contact information

Veronica Delgado-Savage, LCSW
Vice President of Youth & Family Services
Phone: 512-583-2540
Steve Horton
Program Coordinator | Gang Prevention #2159 | Buffalo,NY
Phone: 716-364-5662

Call 1 (844) 568-0771 or email us if you are interested in bringing Youth and Family Services to your community. We look forward to hearing from you.