Southwest Key (SWK) Programs serves immigrant children and youth through residential care, and domestic youth and their families through our Youth and Family Services division. Through our Procurement and Contract Services (PCS) department, SWK awards numerous contracts for goods and services each year-from janitorial services to Information Technology infrastructure. Southwest Key ensures that underutilized businesses are included in the procurement and contract process.

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Procurement Opportunities

Southwest Key Programs continuously explores ways to enrich our facilities, programs, and organization through procurement by resourcing from trusted vendors. If you are a vendor with a product or service that may be a good fit for our organization, please browse our current solicitations.

Important Documents

Oracle Registration

Oracle serves as the primary procurement system for SWK, including vendor management.
All prospective vendors are required to register in Oracle.

Oracle Registration Steps:

Step 1: Watch our Supplier Registration video.

Step 2: Register in Oracle using the Supplier Registration link and log-in using the Supplier Portal link.

Step 3: Once logged into Oracle’s Supplier Portal, please review your information, make any changes, upload any updated documents, and complete the vendor questionnaire located in the Supplier Portal.

Video Tutorials for New Vendors

How to Manage Orders

How to Acknowledge Orders

Viewing Agreements

Receipts and Returns

Supplier Registration

How to Change Requests

Formal Solicitation Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find formal solicitations that are posted by Southwest Key Programs?

Southwest Key Programs (SWK) posts solicitations on Bonfire, BidNet Direct, and Texas SmartBuy. Each platform lists open, competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Quotes (RFOs), Invitations to Bid (IFB), etc. and are free to join.

My business responded to your RFP a few weeks ago, but we have not been notified if we have been selected. What does this mean?

Depending on the Scope of Work of the solicitation, the evaluation phase may take up to 3 weeks to complete. Respondents will be notified as soon as SWK has selected a vendor. If you are unsure if you have been awarded and have been waiting more than 2 weeks, please email FinanceProcurementSolicitations@swkey.org and a member of Procurement will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Who is responsible for selecting the winning proposal?

All proposals are reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised of at least three to five people, named Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), with the knowledge, expertise, and experience sufficient to make a fair and reasonable evaluation. Proposals are rated in accordance with the criteria that are described in the solicitation

My company submitted a proposal with a very competitive price, yet we were not awarded. How can this be? Can we meet to review how we were evaluated?

Price is only one factor when selecting a vendor to meet the unique needs of Southwest Key Programs. The evaluation committee selects a vendor that meets the best value for SWK. Depending on the nature of the solicitation, it may be possible to discuss your proposal, but the discussion will only focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal; no other proposals will be reviewed

What happens if I submit my proposal/bid after the deadline?

SWK policy prohibits the Procurement team from accepting any bids or proposals that are submitted after the deadline. The deadline is posted online (Bonfire and BidNet Direct) and printed on the solicitation document.Proposals or bids arriving late will be rejected and returned to the Respondent

How do I submit our proposal/bid to Southwest Key Programs?

Solicitation documents must be submitted in an electronic format (i.e. PDF) through the Bonfire platform. Email submissions will not be accepted. Please ensure a transmittal letter is accompanying the submission and include the following details: a) Respondent’s commitment to performing the implementation of the work within the project schedule b) Brief executive summary of the document contents c) Statement that the signatory ofthe transmittal letter has the authority to bind the Respondent. Please ensure the Respondent includes a name, title, and contact information

What else do I need to submit with my proposal/bid?

SWK Procurement and Contract Services has created a checklist to assist respondents in ensuring that all information is included in the response. Please refer to Section 3.1.3 in an RFP or Section 11 in an IFB for a list of additional documentation to include when submitting your proposal/bid.

Is delivery included in the best value criteria?

SWK Procurement and Contract Services prefers that the cost for delivery is included in the cost proposal forall goods listed in a solicitation.

What are Southwest Key's payment terms?

Payments are made in accordance with SWK policies and procedures. Payments are made upon satisfactory performance of services and are contingent upon the submission of properly prepared and certified invoices. The information provided on each detailed invoice must coincide with the tasks outlined in the approved budget, as negotiated by SWK

Do I have to register as a vendor?

SWK requires all prospective vendors to register in our Oracle ERP Software. Oracle will serve as the primary procurement system for Southwest Key and assist with vendor management. Please reach out to financeprocurement@swkey.org, and a member of our procurement team will assist you in registering in Oracle.

Additional Information for New Vendors

Please download our training presentation or contact financeprocurement@swkey.org if you have any questions.


Procurement Opportunities

Southwest Key Programs continuously explores ways to enrich our facilities, programs, and organization through procurement by resourcing from trusted vendors. If you are a vendor with a product or service that may be a good fit for our organization, please browse our current solicitations.

Contract Specialists

The Southwest Key Procurement and Contract Services Department now includes Contract Specialists.
Contract Specialists are assigned to each contract upon award and assume the following responsibilities:

Serves as primary point of contact between Southwest Key and vendors

Monitors contract performance and compliance with federal guidelines

Monitors key deliverables, milestones, deadlines, and termination requirements

Negotiates contract terms

Maintains contracting records

Handles contract amendments or renewals


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Underutilized Business Program

SWK is committed to ensuring that women, minority, and service-disabled-Veteran-owned, small businesses, and disadvantaged small businesses have a fair opportunity to compete for all contracts directly and indirectly through subcontracting. We are focused on establishing a fair and level playing field for all businesses.

The goal of the SWK Underutilized Program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for all certified companies.

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If you have additional questions about contracts, the procurement process, or need additional training, please contact the Procurement and Contract Services team via email at financeprocurement@swkey.org