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Employment, training, educational and childcare services to meet workforce needs in Texas

Southwest Key Workforce Development, LLC administers Workforce Solutions (WFS) in Cameron County, TX. With the goal of creating economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for job seekers, employers, and members of the community who can access resources & information. This is done through the provision of childcare, education, training and employment services.

The Workforce Centers the Business Services Unit connects employers to qualified job seekers and provides retraining or skill upgrading opportunities to expand businesses via hiring events and an online statewide job matching system.

Childcare Management in Cameron County

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) purchases childcare for eligible families through Child Care Delivery Services. This program helps parents who are striving to become self-sufficient by giving them more choices in childcare arrangements and by helping them find qualified caregivers. The system benefits families, providers and communities.

Workforce Solutions Mobile Resource Lab

Mobile Resource Lab

The WFS Cameron Mobile Resource Lab is a 38-foot vehicle outfitted with 10 computer stations designed to provide employer and workforce services for rural customers. For more information about the WFS Cameron Mobile Resource Lab, click here.

Southwest Key Workforce Solutions Cameron

WFS Cameron Recognition

  • Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) Exemplary Performance Award from the Texas Workforce Commission for FY2016, FY2015, FY2014, FY2012
  • Recognized by Cameron County Commissioners and Brownsville City Commission for earning Statewide Exemplary Recognition from the Texas Workforce Commission
  • Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) Adult and Dislocated Worker Training Related Employment Award for FY2015, FY2013
  • Youth Inspiration and Career Awareness Award (2015)
  • Child Care Incentive Award (2010)

Workforce Solutions Cameron won the 2016 Second Place WIA/WIOA Exemplary Performance Recognition Award from the Texas Workforce Commission. Only the top three of all twenty-eight Texas Workforce areas are selected by the TWC to win the Exemplary Award. This is the 3rd year in a row that WFS Cameron has been recognized by the TWC as an exemplary workforce area and the 4th time overall since Southwest Key took over operations.