Alyssa’s Heartwarming History (And Future) Helping Others Heal

Six years ago, Alyssa Hernandez spent her evenings assisting immigrants at a local emergency shelter located at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville, Texas. She was the only volunteer at the time with medical experience, helping incoming immigrants to recover from injuries and illnesses after a dangerous journey to the United States.  

Thrilling Rites of Passage – Quinceañera Celebration

A Quinceañera is a young lady’s 15th birthday celebration – a coming of age tradition in many Latin cultures. In addition to signifying a young woman’s transition into adulthood, Quinceañeras provide a precious opportunity for family and friends to come together and make memories.

The Journey from Shelter to Unification

At each of our shelters, we provide a safe, temporary home for unaccompanied minors and work to efficiently determine a safe next step for the minor. Within 24-hours of arrival, a minor is assigned a case manager who collaborates with family members to identify a suitable sponsor for the minor. If a family member can’t be found and approved, case managers work to find a non-familial sponsor or assist minors in speaking to an attorney about their legal options.

Opening the Doors to our Shelters

At Southwest Key Programs, we are proud of our work and eager to discuss our experience providing essential care and services to unaccompanied minors who have fled their home countries to seek a better life in the United States. There is no substitute for seeing our work first hand and shelter tours provide important opportunities for us to share what we do with elected officials, regulators, community leaders and other appropriate stakeholders.