Acts of Kindness Impact Youth

Isabella success story

Isabella is a young female minor that came to Southwest Key’s Casa Franklin. When she arrived she was almost emotionless and looked defeated and disappointed, which is understandable because these children often come from unfortunate situations and have difficult travels.

Support for Developmental Disability

Ana success story

Ana is a 15-year-old girl from El Salvador who was placed at Casa Campbell in Phoenix with her siblings. At intake Ana was unable to have a coherent conversation with others. She was unable to write her name or identify letters or numbers. This is because Ana has a developmental disability.

Central Texas Food Bank Data, May 2019

2019 Food Bank Data

Southwest Key Programs has been a longstanding partner of the Central Texas Food Bank. With over a decade of service through this partnership, Southwest Key has served tens of thousands […]

Rescued From Trafficking

Maya success story

Maya was a shy girl of nearly 18 when she arrived at a Southwest Key shelter in the summer of 2018. Quietly relaying her story to her case manager, she told of the two-year-old daughter back home in Honduras she had to leave behind to seek work in the U.S.