4 Life Lessons from Entrepreneur Diana Anzaldua

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you’ll want to pay attention to Diana Anzaldua and her work. As a social entrepreneur, Diana has made a huge positive impact on her community.  

How Juvenile Education is Evolving Beyond the Classroom

In Early March, Hidalgo County’s Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) faced a major decision. The World Health Organization (WHO) had just recognized the novel coronavirus as a pandemic. Schools across the nation were closing. What were they, a program dedicated to providing a safe and structured space for juvenile offenders to receive counseling and education, going to do?

Community Comes Together for Children’s Coat Drive

During cold winter months, our amazing partners help keep our mission warm. This past winter, Junior League of Austin, took things a step further by working with our Adult Services Coordinator, Astrid Duenas and Zenaida Martinez, Blue Cross Blue Shield partner to donate winter coats to our East Austin College Prep students. Through a community effort, SWK was able to provide over 550 coats to families in need.

Demarion’s Journey to a New Life


Demarion came to Southwest Key Programs experiencing issues with drugs, school and gang-affiliated friends leading him down the wrong path. The pressure from all of these issues was weighing heavily on him and he began making poor choices and wasn’t on track to graduate from high school.

Helping Martha Explore the World

Shopping in the supermarket

Martha arrived at Casa Kokopeli just two months before her 18th birthday. During the intake process, staff learned that Martha spoke an indigenous dialect. She had limited ability to communicate in Spanish or English and was provided a translator. After the first few days of her stay, she demonstrated some unusual behaviors that indicated she would need further clinical evaluation.