Spirit of Service Awards: Top Tier Programs, CommUNITY, and Above & Beyond Awards

The Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards (formerly known as Employee Awards) are a long-standing part of our organization. Every year, our employees and the programs show unparalleled dedication toward this esteemed organization’s mission and vision, and we take pride in recognizing them for their hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all the winners of 2020-2021 Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards. Read on to learn more about each award and its recipients.

SOSA Top Tier Program list


YFS Program – FFT Florida Statewide-DJJ – 2139
UM Shelter Program – 906300 Casa Padre
UM Shelter Program – 905100 Casa San Diego
YFS Program – Upward Bound – 2149 
YFS Program – Bell County JJAEP – 2122 

These programs have demonstrated superior organizational abilities, not just by adding value to Southwest Key as an organization, but also creating truly successful and impactful work through their efforts. Through each program’s support and implementation of successful strategic initiatives and overall collective work, we’ve been able to improve and enrich the lives of thousands of children and families throughout the nation. 


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