Spirit of Service Awards: Rising Stars & Innovation Awards

The Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards (formerly known as Employee Awards) are a long-standing part of our organization. Every year, our employees and the programs show unparalleled dedication toward this esteemed organization’s mission and vision, and we take pride in recognizing them for their hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all the winners of 2020-2021 Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards. Read on to learn more about each award and its recipients.

Image of Spirit of Service Awards: Rising Star Winners


Alexandra Louis  
Thalia Gutierrez  
Miriam Salazar Avila  
Sasha Rivera Huetas  
Selina Soliz  
Jared Romero  
Javier Padilla De La Rosa 

These Rising Stars have all demonstrated outstanding performance in their work, standing out by taking initiative and offering valuable feedback and input on process improvements. Each winner has only been with Southwest Key for less than three years, and they’re already making waves!

Image of Spirit of Service Awards: Innovation Award Winners


Gladys Sanchez 
Rene Maldondo 
Erica Castillo 

These winners have shown us the cutting edge of new ways to help the youth and families in our care. They have created and implemented innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and activities. Each winner has improved Southwest Key’s ability to serve our clients, the youth in our care, our communities and our own employees. 


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