Spirit of Service Awards: Leaders of the Year & Forever Familia Awards

The Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards (formerly known as Employee Awards) are a long-standing part of our organization. Every year, our employees and the programs show unparalleled dedication toward this esteemed organization’s mission and vision, and we take pride in recognizing them for their hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all the winners of 2020-2021 Southwest Key Spirit of Service Awards. Read on to learn more about each award and its recipients.


Iris Gonzalez-Colon
Adriana Saenz
Raul Herrera
Gladys Sanchez
Antonio Wyche
Rosario Gonzalez
Abby Rodrigues
Eric Arroyo
Megan Gonzales

These leaders have inspired others to work collaboratively and creatively, no matter what program they’re in. They demonstrate initiative and promote a work environment that is inclusive, respectful and collaborative. These winners have shown that leadership is more than just setting goals and directing a team, it’s about helping everyone on that team do the best work they can — so we can better help the families and communities that we serve.


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