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Southwest Key Scholarship Recipients Ready to Conquer the World

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“It was so inspiring to meet this group of young men and women and talk with them about their dreams and aspirations. It warms my heart to see these young people empowered and ready to conquer the world.” -Joella Brooks, Interim CEO” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]

Southwest Key Programs offered five deserving youth scholarships toward furthering their education. This was the first scholarship program geared toward youth participating in Youth Justice programming. Scholarship recipients were nominated by staff who worked closely with them and watched them grow during their time with Southwest Key. They were recognized as engaged participants, not only in their program but above and beyond within their communities. In July 2019, the scholars traveled to Southwest Key headquarters in Austin, TX, where they were each awarded scholarships to pursue their dreams of achieving higher education after they graduate from high school.


Paula G. – Laredo, Texas

Paula is the Youth Advisory Committee President at Community Youth Development in Laredo, TX. Her nominator Sandra says: “Paula has gone above and beyond with all of her duties that are given to her as the YAC president. She is always willing to take that extra step that is needed without being asked. Paula always exceeds her expectations to her full potential.”

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“Paula is an excellent student, a wonderful person and she is loved by everyone that she surrounds herself with. She is hardworking, dedicated, a loving person and is always up to any challenge.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]



Daisy V. – Austin, Texas

Daisy was recommended by the Austin youth mentoring team because she has been engaged and involved in the program while finishing high school and keeping a part-time job. Daisy makes it a point to keep in frequent with her program including regular visits with the Austin team.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“I know that she is working hard to make her aspirations of going to college a reality. I want to connect her with any resource possible to make it happen.” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]



Zamia L. – Atlanta, Georgia

Zamia was nominated by the Atlanta youth mentoring team because of her hard work. She has held-down a part-time job at a movie theater and kept superior grades at school.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“Zamia is a sweet young lady with a level head and she is determined to be successful, despite the challenges around her. She always maintains a positive attitude and has been able to excel in high school while maintaining a part-time job. She is saving money for college from her earnings at the movie theater and deserves to receive any extra support that we can find.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]


JaKobe M. – Americus, Georgia

JaKobe was recommended by the Americus Team because he is a very talented and positive young man and an outstanding athlete. During his time with our youth tracking program, JaKobe changed his life for the better.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“It is not often there is a youth that meets his responsibilities head-on and continues to thrive regardless of the situation.  I am also honored to be able to recommend him for this education award.  I feel that presenting him with this award will help him complete the positive goal he has for himself in life.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]



Wendy Q. – Austin, Texas

Wendy has blossomed while in the Austin youth mentoring program where she was always willing to engage in activities. Carmen can’t wait to see Wendy’s full potential come to life in college.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”“I went to watch Wendy do a mock-trial for a class she was in. She blew everyone away with how prepared and professional she was. Many of the teachers that were ‘jury members’, including myself, could not stop talking about how much she impressed us.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=”]


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