Ballerinas during a performance

Sofia’s First Time at the Ballet

Sofia learned so much during her first field trip with Casa Campbell. She arrived at the shelter a few days before and had since been looking forward to the special outing with her peers to Ballet Arizona’s “The Nutcracker” at Symphony Hall. With the support and collaboration of Free Arts Arizona, 50 children in Southwest Key care had the opportunity to attend the special show. The field trip was comprised of kids from four of our Arizona shelters. For most of the group, this was their first time at a ballet or hearing a live symphony.

Days prior to the performance, Southwest Key teachers taught the children about the traditional Christmas story of the Nutcracker, ballet and of the different types of instruments in the symphony that would also be a part of the performance.

“It was heartwarming to witness this first-time experience for the kids at a performing arts center with a wonderful ballet performance. Kids like Sofia voiced their desire to pursue ballet and shared vivid dreams for their future that were made possible thanks to Free Arts and Ballet Arizona.,” said staff member Horacio Necoechea.

Because of our understanding of the healing power of art, we collaborate with community artist and art organizations to provide opportunities for our kids to experience art at multiple levels.

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Their experience watching the Nutcracker is best described in their own words. Check out some reviews from Sofia’s friends:

“Muy padre, me gusto bastante, ojalá los trajeran aquí para que lo disfrutaran los demás niños. / Very cool, I liked it a lot; I wish they could bring them here for the other kids to enjoy.”


“Me gusto que bailaron de puntitas, algo que nunca había visto. / I liked how they danced in their tiptoes, something I never have seen before.”


“A mí me gustaron las bailarinas porque hacían cosas muy lindas, como se echaban las voltereta. Lo unico que no me gusto fue los ratones. / I liked the dancers because they did very nice things like twirls and spins. The only thing I did not like was the mice.”