Employee Giving Funds Helping Families in Need

Serving kids and families is more than a job, it’s a calling. That’s why we have Southwest Key’s Employee Giving fund. We want to keep ...

Launching Virtual Education at Southwest Key Shelters

Education is a huge part of life at Southwest Key. But in 2020, education at Southwest Key needed to go virtual—and fast.  

The Flores Settlement Agreement – A Visual Guide

Learn the impact and history of the Flores Settlement Agreement and how it affects Immigrant Children's Shelters with this infographic.

Why We Use Trauma-Informed Care (And You Should Too)

Trauma-Informed Care practices enable Southwest Key Programs to do our best work and truly help children and families thrive.

5 Reasons You Should Vote (Even If You Think It Doesn’t Matter)

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t vote, even though it’s in everyone’s best interests to make their voices heard on election day. So we put together ...

How Workforce Solutions Launched Two Careers

Today, we bring you two stories of success and hope for job seekers from Workforce Solutions. Read on to discover how Southwest Key helped Ryan ...

How FFT Helped The Hill Family Turn Negativity Into Positivity

Discover the story of how Southwest Key therapist Nicholas Dallas Raines used FFT to help a family of comedians build each other up.

Recognizing #SWKHeroes: Unbeatable Positivity and Inspiring Selflessness

We're proud to honor four more #SWKHeroes. Congratulations to Danny Cardenas, Emily Martinez, Reina Cossio and Jessica Rivera!

Going Above and Beyond Youth Tracking Services

One of our most successful programs here at Southwest Key is Youth Tracking Services (YTS), a community-based alternative to detention program for pre-adjudicated youth of all ...

3 Important Keys to Our Philosophy of Care

Learn about a few important keys to our philosophy of care that are present from the moment youth enter our shelter to the day they ...