Marissa Petty

Marissa Petty – Employee Spotlight

Marissa began her educational career as a preschool teacher and explored working with elementary and junior high students. During her time as an educator, she learned the value of play at work, positive reinforcement, and how a safe nurturing environment shapes attitudes, socializing, relationships, and educational outcomes.

“I love being a part of the humanitarian work we do at Southwest Key Programs. Every day I witness acts of kindness that I know will have positive life-changing results for the children we serve.”

Marissa brought her educational experience to Southwest Key as a lead teacher, transitioning later to Early Childhood Coordinator in Arizona and South Texas. Marissa has orchestrated an overhaul of facility décor, esthetics, and furnishings, from beds and quilts to paint and murals on the walls, enhancing safety and cultural comfort while maintaining cost controls.

She participates in Southwest Key’s Compliance Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and Values Campaign Committee. Marissa brings fifteen years experience in teaching, community advocacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership to her role as Program Director at Casa Fortaleza.


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