Knitting without borders volunteers

Knitting Without Borders Brings Joy to South Texas

Knitting Without Borders, is a project dedicated to sharing love and care to children around the world with volunteers, pictured above, who knit bears for children. In October, Knitting Without Borders handcrafted 250 bears and delivered them to our shelters in South Texas.

Clinical Staff at Casa Padre sending a thank you to volunteers from Knitting without Borders.

“Life is about little happy moments that make great memories. Today, our children had one of those moments when they received the bears that Knitting Without Borders provided for them. It’s awesome to know that people like you work to bring a smile to our children’s faces. God bless all hands that worked on those beautiful bears.” – Iris, staff member at Casa Antigua.

Our children were truly touched and felt the love and attention to detail that was shared with them by the volunteers of Knitting Without Borders. These bears provide comfort to the children in our care, as they await reunification with their families or a sponsor to begin their new life in the U.S.



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