Demarion’s Journey to a New Life


Demarion came to Southwest Key Programs experiencing issues with drugs, school and gang-affiliated friends leading him down the wrong path. The pressure from all of these issues was weighing heavily on him and he began making poor choices and wasn’t on track to graduate from high school.

Paula’s Story

Paula Geronimo was born and raised in Colonia Los Obispos in Laredo, TX. Growing up, she was a bit nervous and shy, but was known as a determined student who […]

Southwest Key Scholarship Recipients Ready to Conquer the World

Youth Justice Scholarship Recipients header image

Southwest Key Programs offered five deserving youth scholarships toward furthering their education. This is the first scholarship program geared toward youth participating in Youth and Family Service programming. Scholarship recipients were nominated by staff who have worked closely them and have watched them grow during their time with Southwest Key. They have been recognized as engaged participants, not only in their program but above and beyond within their communities. They are being awarded $1,000 each to pursue their dreams of achieving higher education after they graduate from high school. 

From School Suspension to Straight A’s

Vicky youth justice spotlight

Vicky became a mentee in the Youth Justice program at 16 years old after having problems in school and following a negative path. She was struggling academically, had a high […]