Going Above and Beyond Youth Tracking Services

One of our most successful programs here at Southwest Key is Youth Tracking Services (YTS), a community-based alternative to detention program for pre-adjudicated youth of all ages that typically lasts 30 to 60 days.  

Announcing Together Forward: Wraparound Care from Southwest Key

There are an estimated 4000 foster children in Texas with a need for intensive behavioral health services. Right now, there are precious few providers across the state to offer behavioral health care on this level. Today, we’re proud to share a plan to get these children the support they need through a new program from Southwest Key called Together Forward. 

Are You Resilient? Strengthen Your Personal Resilience With These Tips

When you think of the word resilience, what comes to mind? Maybe it reminds you of a sturdy material like wood or steel. Or maybe you think about the resilience of groups like certain communities or institutions.  Have you ever asked yourself if you’re resilient? Can a single person even be called resilient?  

How Juvenile Education is Evolving Beyond the Classroom

In Early March, Hidalgo County’s Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) faced a major decision. The World Health Organization (WHO) had just recognized the novel coronavirus as a pandemic. Schools across the nation were closing. What were they, a program dedicated to providing a safe and structured space for juvenile offenders to receive counseling and education, going to do?

John Figueroa – Employee Spotlight


“The best part of my job is seeing the changes we’ve been able to help put in motion. It can feel like you might not have an impact when you’re helping these kids turn their lives around, but when they reach back out and tell us about their successes it makes it all worth it.”