Knitting Without Borders Brings Joy to South Texas

Knitting without borders volunteers

Knitting Without Borders, is a project dedicated to sharing love and care to children around the world with volunteers, pictured above, who knit bears for children. In October, Knitting Without Borders handcrafted 250 bears and delivered them to our shelters in South Texas.

Celebrating Culture in Shelters

Tiny globe in a person's palm

In our shelters, we celebrate many different cultures and honor the value they add to our lives. We are purposeful about celebrating different holidays in an effort to make the […]

Camaraderie and Creativity Through Cooking

Cooking Class

Nothing brings people together like food and friendship. Southwest Key Programs partnered with Free Arts, a hands-on art programming provider in Phoenix, Arizona, to use the healing powers of the arts to inspire and comfort children in our care.

The Role Art Therapy Plays in Shelters

Immigrant Youth's Artwork

Through many different outlets – music, painting, drawing, acting, dancing and more – children in our care can express themselves, communicate traumatic memories in a safe manner and continue their healing process.