Somos Southwest Key

Somos Southwest Key, it’s more than a phrase. It’s a declaration of pride in the work we do day-in and day-out.

Alyssa’s Heartwarming History (And Future) Helping Others Heal

Six years ago, Alyssa Hernandez spent her evenings assisting immigrants at a local emergency shelter located at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville, Texas. She was the only volunteer at the time with medical experience, helping incoming immigrants to recover from injuries and illnesses after a dangerous journey to the United States.  

Are You Resilient? Strengthen Your Personal Resilience With These Tips

When you think of the word resilience, what comes to mind? Maybe it reminds you of a sturdy material like wood or steel. Or maybe you think about the resilience of groups like certain communities or institutions.  Have you ever asked yourself if you’re resilient? Can a single person even be called resilient?