Cooking Class

Camaraderie and Creativity Through Cooking

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][vc_column_text]Nothing brings people together like food and friendship. Southwest Key Programs partnered with Free Arts, a hands-on art programming provider in Phoenix, Arizona, to use the healing powers of the arts to inspire and comfort children in our care. Through art, children are able to learn to use new skills as coping methods. Children are inspired to make positive changes, overcome their past and dream about a better future.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][edgtf_blockquote text=”“This was the first time for most of our kids to learn to prepare food, it was a different environment (for them). They expressed their joy for all of the things they learned and had an amazing group dynamic that was super fun to work with. They learned a lot of new things – communication, food preparation skills and hygiene around food prep. (This program) was amazing.””][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][vc_column_text]Chef Catherine came to Casa Campbell for five weeks to conduct a series of cooking classes for immigrant youth. She selected recipes that showcased a variety of delicious and healthy meals, snacks and treats. Take a look at their menu plan and ingredients:

Tortilla Turkey Wraps

  • Whole Wheat Tortilla
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Deli Turkey
  • Shredded carrots
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Ranch Dressing

Rotisserie Chicken Taco Cups

  • Flour tortillas
  • Rotisserie Chicken – Shredded with taco seasoning
  • Black bean salsa with corn and tomatoes
  • Cotija cheese

Pizza Kabobs

  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Pepperoni slices
  • Pita Bread

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]

Ice Cream in a Bag

  • Whole Milk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Sugar

Ice Cream Sundae fixings

  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Fresh Strawberries

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][vc_column_text]Breakfast Banana Split Ingredients

  • Bananas
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Granola
  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Mini Chocolate Chips

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][vc_column_text]This post is part of a series on art therapy in shelters, read further: The Role Art Therapy Plays in Shelters and Guitarists Shine at Special Performance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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