For more than 30 years, Southwest Key has focused on creating an environment for children to succeed. Far too many young boys and girls face difficult circumstances in their communities such as poverty, neglect, violence or abuse. We believe we have a responsibility to help shape their life’s path and surround them with support so they can envision a brighter future for themselves.

Our Community Engagement efforts bring together a pipeline of services. We focus on programming in three distinct areas — health, wellness, education and performance arts programs — services that feed the mind, body and soul of children and their families. Southwest Key creates nurturing opportunities for growth and learning for the communities we serve. We offer college scholarships for deserving students, as well as free performances  for families in East Austin. And through our partnership with Central Texas Food Bank, we distribute groceries to East Austin residents on the second Friday of every month.

In addition to meeting children’s needs, we also provide services for parents and the community. We host financial literacy workshops and offer free preventative care workshops and health screenings. By supporting the communities we’re part of, we are cultivating an environment for youth and their families to succeed and thrive. And with the help of our many partners, these programs and services are provided at no cost.

We believe in focusing on children because they drive change. And collectively, their achievements will resonate across neighborhoods and have a compounding effect on society. We are committed to sharing love and compassion by instilling optimism and courage in each child we serve. Our success as an organization will be measured by the quantifiable and qualitative changes that we’ll see in each child — and ultimately, in the world around us.

If you are interested in working together to provide a support network that transforms neighborhoods and provides opportunities for success, please contact us at community@swkey.org for more information.